Wednesday, September 26, 2012

FYI - Lego Friends Project

In follow up to this week's class, I wonder if any of you might be interested in checking out one of my recent conference presentations on the "Lego for girls" product line. It includes a bit of the history of Lego's transformation from gender-inclusive to gendered toy and a quote from the marketing guru I mentioned in lecture. Enjoy!

The $$ Cost of Adventure

Caption C+P from Cox's article: "Big Chief school tablet, 
39 cents in 1964 ($2.88 adjusted). Illustration by Louise Fitzhugh."
Via your classmate Sara V-S, a thought provoking article on the "The Cost of Being a Kid In A Classic Adventure Novel," written by Brent Cox for The Awl, wherein classic kids' lit tropes are monetized and class issues are highlighted. Here's an excerpt:
A Bridge To Terabithia is a harrowing story of the adventure gone wrong, or, more accurately, cruelly cut short, but it's also a document of a certain sociological shift that occurred during the 70s. Jess' father is a laborer. At the beginning of the book, he's driving back and forth to D.C. every day, as there are no jobs nearer to home. And the Aaronses are hard-pressed for cash. For a back-to-school shopping trip, the mother can only (grudgingly) part with five dollars for the two big sisters to shop for back to school supplies (which would be $18.90 now). Christmas is not a lavish affair for the Aarons. They are solidly working class.
Thanks Sara!!!