Monday, November 7, 2011

Fairy Tale Adaptations: Fables

©2006 Bill Willingham and DC Comics
Last week, we talked briefly about the new influx of fairy tale themed TV shows, specifically Grimm and Once Upon a Time. We'll talk more about this today, no doubt, as well as some of the recent films, videogames and various other media that have engaged in the continual reinvention, reiteration and reinterpretation of the fairy tale over the years (particularly in recent years). One example that I really like is Bill Willingham's amazing Fables comic/graphic novel series, a gritty, funny, and sometimes twisted imagining of what would happen if all the characters from fairy tales and fables were exiled in modern day Manhattan. The series is not only extremely well written and illustrated, but engages quite deeply (and reflexively) with fairy tale conventions. You can read the first volume for free at the DC Comics website, and/or download it in PDF form here.

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