Monday, November 14, 2011

Extra Materials of Potential Interest

Here are some of the additional materials we've discussed over the past two weeks:

Via Fiona, re: critiques of Bettelheim:
1. Zipes, J.(2002). On the use and abuse of folk and fairy tales with children. Bruno Bettleheims' moralistic magic wand. In J. Zipes Breaking the Magic Spell. Most of the chapter is available on Google Books: here.

2. Dundes, A. (1991). Bruno Bettleheim's uses of enchantment and abuses of scholarship. The Journal of American Folklore. 104(411), 74-83. Available (if accessing from UofT or otherwise logged into the library/JSTOR) here.
I'll add the Dundes article to Blackboard in just a minute.

As for the Harry Potter fans vs. branding/corporate IP owners documentary I mentioned this afternoon, here's a link to the movie's official site: We Are Wizards: The Movie. The film itself is available to view online for free on Snag Films, but only in the US ;)

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