Sunday, November 27, 2011

Alex Presents: Commando

While reading the Langer article on the global reach of Western consumer culture, I was reminded of this video that was produced by African relief NGO Mama Hope. The video shows a nine year-old Tanzanian boy named Alex narrating the plot of Commando, one of the more vacuous of Arnold Schwarzenegger's 1980s action films.

The clip is hilarious, and Mama Hope is trying to make a point about showing the positive side of African society and culture. It also clearly shows the reach of American popular culture. But I think it challenges some of Langer's conclusions about globalized culture as this wholly disruptive and damaging force, and children as its helpless victims. Despite what I'm sure is a pretty dire socio-economic situation, Alex doesn't look very culturally oppressed to me, anyway.

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  1. Great point - very cute video. Perhaps we can bring it up in next week's class on children as makers and breakers of culture :)