Monday, September 12, 2011

What Was Your Favourite Book?

©1981 George Mendoza, House by Mouse

This is an exercise that you might want to do in lead up to next week's class. The aim is to warm up your skills in balancing the affective/personal with the critical when thinking about kids' texts and artifacts, by looking askew at one of your own objects of childhood nostalgia.

Try to remember what your favourite book was when you were a kid. Find it (possibly at Lillian H. Smith). Read it. (If you can't find your top favourite, go with your second fave, or third, etc.).

Things to think about while reading:

  • How old were you when it was your favourite? Why did you choose that age range and not another (i.e. what made you gravitate toward that particular stage of life when thinking back to your "favourite" or of yourself as a "kid"?).
  • How long has it been since you read it last?
  • Does it live up to your memory of it? Why/why not?
  • Now that you're an adult - would you recommend it to a kid today? Why? What age range? Why?

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