Friday, March 11, 2011

Hey everyone,
Just a heads up that the second annual InPlay conference held by Interactive Ontario is going to be held on May 17th and 18th, 2011 in Toronto. This is the description on their website (

"INplay is a unique, international event that connects kids creative industries with insights and opportunities in the interactive space.

From the video game business to the broadcast industry, from toys to toons, the INplay conference brings together leaders in the kids space to learn, network and be inspired by the future of kids interactive digital media.

The conference will feature 3 major streams each covering a different dimension of working with properties for kids aged 2-12:

• Inspiration - creativity and content stream
• Investment - business stream
• Insights - research and e-learning stream

Over two days in downtown Toronto, the INplay conference will feature presentations, panel discussions, case studies, technology ‘show and tells’, keynotes and a good dose of fun!"

It is pretty expensive to register, but easy to volunteer if you want to meet some people, gain new insights, and get in for free. I signed up as a volunteer last year, but I had to cancel my shift at the last minute because I was offered a summer position which didn't match up well with the time of the conference. I hope to get to attend as a volunteer this year!


  1. I checked the website, but I couldn't see anywhere obvious to volunteer. Definitely interested in this opportunity though.

  2. Hi Tess - Talk to Steve Szigeti, a KMDI Ph.D. candidate - he's on the conference committee. Very interesting event - unfortunately I'll be out of town, otherwise there's no way I'd miss it!

  3. I didn't hear back from him. What a shame! I'll have to get in early next time.