Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Digital (and Portable) Olivia

©2011 Chorion via Kidscreen

I've been reading a lot of news (in the media industry press) about Olivia lately, some of which is pretty relevant to this week's readings/discussion. Recent (and upcoming) developments around Olivia-based e-books and multimedia "books" are of particular interest in this regard. Check it out:
Picture book character Olivia is headlining Simon & Schuster UK’s foray into the illustrated eBook space. Olivia, who last year had a number-one iPhone app, is the star of a new six-book launch with the Apple iBookstore.
Read more:
You can read additional details about the books and surrounding transmedia/cross-promotional campaign in an earlier Kidscreen article that came out back in Feb (here).

And/or read more about Olivia's first iPhone app, OLIVIA Paints, on the official iTunes site here (note the complaints in the customer review section), or by reading this very short review by Sara Haley (via the examiner).

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