Friday, January 7, 2011

Peter Pan and the Impossibility of Children's Fiction Revisited

©2010 Will Bryant via Picture Book Report and Society6

There was a small issue with the Rose reading ("The case of Peter Pan: The impossibility of children’s fiction") file that was uploaded to Blackboard earlier this week, but everything appears to be fixed now so you can go ahead and download/read at your leisure.

Speaking of the Rose reading, for those of you who are interested in finding out more about this landmark work (which first appeared in 1984), or about the reactions of the larger academic community of children's literature scholars, and/or where her argument stands today, you may want to check out the Fall 2010 issue of the Children's Literature Association Quarterly. The issue is dedicated to revisiting "The (Im)Possibility of Children's Fiction: Rose Twenty-Five Years On," and includes a really useful introduction by David Rudd and Anthony Pavlik that explains the relevance and impact of the original article, as well as a short message/intro from Jacqueline Rose herself, and a number of articles exploring the themes and arguments that Rose put forth, applied within the contemporary context.

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